Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I got my name

Well I had arrived to live with the Hancocks. I appeared that I was very much loved by all. Mind you They weren't sure about what to call me. My registration papers had me called Oceanbern Sir Walter which is a bit of a mouthful. I did not want to be called Wally. After a few beers the boys of the house decided I was to be called Cooper after their favourite drop. By this stage I am already growing bigger and spending lots of time sleeping , eating and whatever puppies do!!

In the beginning there was a little tricoloured puppy

I was born August 18 2004, one of 10 puppies born to OceanBern Merry Poppins and proud father Zanzebern Sir Tristam.  I was the last puppy to go home, but I did not know it was to be a very long journey. Big brother Chris picked me up from Rye on the Mornington Peninsula and took me to the Airport. Wow only ten weeks of age I began my travels on a big jet plane all the way across Australia. I arrived home at midnight to a very excited mum, dad and another brother Simon. Boy I was tired and very restless. I had a beautiful bed ready for me and a huge teddy bear which just felt like my mum. I was glad to rest my head.

Berners and More

This is the blog site of Berners Cooper and Dior. They own Cheryl who panders to their every need and desire. They live in Perth on the west coast of Australia. Their favourite playgrounds are the local park, the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean or the Swan River.